Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sans Les Cheveux

I decided that it was time for change once again. This Sunday I decided to have my hair cut (1).

This haircut is one that I've wanted for a very long time. I never really expressed it to anyone since most people would have tried to convince me against it. I'm tired of reaching out to people and getting negativity. Although I am one of the most pessimistic people that I know, I do not immediately give negative feedback. I know that I don't know best. I know that I know what I like.

I've never had my hair this short, and I can't even being to explain how liberated I feel.

Although it doesn't have the effortless look that I wanted it sure is effortless.

Some of the opinions expressed by others included, "What did you do? You had such beautiful hair!" Hair grows back so I don't get why people are getting all bent out of shape? I mean it's not like they just shaved their head in the middle of January. "Aren't you cold?", has also been a popular response. No shit I'm fucking cold. -__-

Other people have said things like, "YOU'RE A GOD", "You're so sexy", "You are so fierce, I can't even handle it." It's amazing how people can change for a good opinion of me to a great opinion. I know that I look more attractive. This haircut opens up my face making how I perfect I am inherently obvious. Makeup further enhances this (I know I didn't think I could improve on perfection either).

But wait! A third party exists believe it or not. That would consist of those who have made no positive or negative comments, even no comments at all. At work, some people said, "You look so much older", "You look so masculine", and "You have amazing bone structure." At school I even got, "You look more like a girl now." That was a little funny since I don't think I look like Shuga. To address those who haven't said anything, thank you. Assholes.

Even though it has only been 4 days, it will continue to feel like the first day for a week or so, I'm sure.

I may have done a lot of things to please myself, but I have altered those things time to time due to unimportant opinions. It feels great to finally realize that I don't need to listen to the negative criticism of my 'friends.

Everyone's a critic.
Myself included.