Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keeping Outrage at The Jersey Shore

Despite the fact that I'm in New Jersey right now, I brought a little part of Outrage with me. I took a bus to stay with Rachel, my best friend, until Saturday. Tonight we will probably visit the Outrage here, but I do like the one in Albany. Last night we had a Hot Tub Party here, it was pretty great if I do say so myself.

All of Rachel's friends from college came to the party along with some of her friends from around here. Everyone went out a little early except Joshua, and Maria, who stayed up and partied with Rachel and myself. The beer was nice, but the vodka was better.

Most of my evening was spent in the game room playing ping pong and pool. I made sure that my timid side was completely masked, and that good side was always facing forward.... I KNOW! WHICH ONE?! Just like Shuga, many pictures were taken of me, mostly good, but some not-so-good.

This morning we woke up at 11:30AM, exactly as Rachel predicted.

We then went to Edgewater, where I experienced the nastiest smelling low tide, and the fattest pigeons, and sea gulls. Maria casually offered me her last cigarette, which I accepted gratefully, and enjoyed fully. The view was beautiful, and just one river away was the greatest city there ever was. New York City. Someday this city would be mine, or at least mine to live in.

We visited a Japanese Supermarket which was astonishing. Everything written in Japanese, and place wreaked of dried foods, and raw fish. And I discovered I have an odd attraction the the smell of raw fish.
Every corner I turned around had little chic orientals. I was in heaven.

Right now, Rachel and myself are making a run so when we can get movies before we go to Outrage. I'll never evacuate the dancefloor.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Greetings, Gays, and the GAP.

This evening at the GAP was one of the best nights I think I've ever had. Being after the holidays, the store happened to be in great condition, and I was closing for the first time in a while. A guy named Christian who had started there when he was my age, and one of the best managers there, Stacy, were closing with me. I looked fabulous and my make-up was still as fresh as it was at 1, when I came in. I also had a surprise lunch with Beyonce, better known as Sasha Fierce.

Initially when meeting Christian, I didn't like how he could give me a taste of my own sarcasm. He was cute too, but not as put together as myself. We warmed up to one another quickly after. I am slightly bothered that Stacy might like him more, and she liked me before he came back. We made fun of a woman in a wheel chair who wore sunglasses, and planned to bomb the store in the fitting rooms after closing. But meeting Christian was like meeting myself, gay and all--but not the current man of interest surprisingly.

Earlier in the day, around 3 or 4, I was just floating on the floor making sure things were tidy, and up to par. I was then approached by a woman who I remembered because she came in with a really cute, apparently gay, boy, who had a blond Mohawk, which to my surprise is multicultural, if you know what I mean. After establishing the fact that I'm gay (which was the hardest, and to me funniest, part for his friend Naomi), she asked for my number for him. Since he didn't approach me himself, I left him with my name to look me up on facebook. Haha, Internet, thanks for letting me establish a relationship from a distance. We will call this boy Ronnie.

I looked amazing today also. Despite being as sick as a dog, my style and visage were right on target. I looked great, my make-up was nice and smooth, my freshly washed outfit was crisp and flawless, they were painted on me with masculine precision. Everyone noticed, and realized, it was nice.

I hung out with Diane, and went to Outrage, it would have been better had Charles been home. But we had fun for the most part. I saw Ronnie on Facebook, and he has his nipples pierced which is a little off, but his tummy is so smooth, I'm gonna get him quick and easy. And I don't even know if I want to see Christian again, I love and hate him. I just know he's equally confident, which won't work, because I need to be that one in the relationship, but he's fucking fine as hell! I'm still in Outrage now, Diane left, and Charles is on his way I think, but he probably works tomorrow.

That's the GREAT DAY of Greetings, Gays and the GAP.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

I'd like to start off saying Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and to those of you who don't--Happy Holidays.

Among many traditions in my home, I am always the one who wakes up the house, and hands out gifts on Christmas. This year when I went to hand King Arthur a gift, he said "No thanks." And I paused, stunned, glared at him, and continued. Recently he has isolated himself from our family, but he thinks it's the other way around.

This is Aneta's first Christmas without BOTH of her parents, so this year the holiday has been a little tough for her, all things considered. Her husband decided to spend all of Christmas Eve without her, and the rest of Christmas Day without her. And when she went to confront him about it, he blamed her (But remember, we're isolating him). I'm telling you, Aneta got him a frying pan, and he's so damn lucky I didn't him him upside the head with it.

Of the various array of gifts I received, a luggage set was among them. I also got leather gloves, a new leather belt, some button-ups, the newest PostSecret book, a Burberry scarf, and some other smaller, useful gifts. I am very satisfied.

Richard called me yesterday, and I missed the call. I feel really guilty about it, considering he has no home phone, and I have no way to reach him to wish him a Merry Christmas, since he isn't at work. Sorry to disappoint you. I will be calling you first thing Monday Morning.

Aneta and I sat and had a talk after Charles left for his Grandmother's and her husband, Arthur, left to see his buddy or something stupid. She told me that she's only holding on because she knows she can't afford the electric bill or her health insurance on her own. She waited over 20 years to be with her husband, and less than 5 years of marriage, he has become a whole different person. As her fourth marriage, and the one she REALLY THOUGHT was going to work, it seemingly fell apart the fastest.

On this Christmas Day I think of words of wisdom from my Aunt, who we'll call Madame Dupont. Madame Dupont told me, "Don't ever get married," as we hung clothes on the clothes line this summer. Madame Dupont is well known for her sense of humor, but at this very moment in time, she was indirectly letting me see into the life of a married person. I can't wait until you spend the night on Sunday, Madame!

After my long struggle of being single, I have learned that I'd rather be miserable alone, than twice as miserable with someone else. And that's what Christmas means to me.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ellen Goodman's Column- Hooked On Shame

Recently, I've read Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Ellen Goodman's article, Hooked On Shame. While Goodman uses her arrogance to get her point across, she seemingly forgets how classless it is to point out other flaws.

Her article which can been found
here, discusses her disappointment in people like Elliot Spitzer and Tiger woods, and her shock in Ashley Dupre's new job at the New York Post.

I didn't think award-winning columnists used gossip to express their frustration with society, but apparently, I'm wrong. While referring to Ashley Dupre, Goodman inserts the work call in front of girl, calling her a prostitute. The columnist then complains, "I am not yet a little old lady in tennis shoes waving my umbrella at the decline and fall of decency." As times are changing, we are beginning to see a new breed of elderly people who don't dress like classic elderly people, such as Goodman. Sorry Ellen, it's 2009, and shame and fame go hand in hand now. Deal.

Being a junior in High School, I have just read The Scarlet Letter, a wonderful novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I recognized her comparison and understood it, but the thing is, you don't get famous for committing shameful acts, you get more famous once you're already famous, for committing shameful acts. As we all know, extraordinary acts are committed by ordinary people every day, they just don't have fame, which helps mask their secret.

Who is Ellen Goodman to tell us what cultural norms are? Goodman is just telling us what they used to be, and what she wishes they still were. Sex, lack of devotion, and apathy are the new cultural norms.

Goodman references to her idea of ideal figures worthy of fame. Among them are Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack, and Richard Parsons. She exclaims, "Google them!" which obviously tells us that we don't know who they are. I looked them up, and get this: Ellen Goodman thinks a Harvard graduate who is Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, a Julliard Graduate who is a renowned American Oboist, and an Albany Law School graduate who was formerly Chairman and CEO of Time Warner, are people we should look up to and admire. News Flash Ellen! We idolize people we can relate to, they definitely aren't it.

Times are changing, and we just have to adapt to it. I think Ellen could use a makeover, don't you?