Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keeping Outrage at The Jersey Shore

Despite the fact that I'm in New Jersey right now, I brought a little part of Outrage with me. I took a bus to stay with Rachel, my best friend, until Saturday. Tonight we will probably visit the Outrage here, but I do like the one in Albany. Last night we had a Hot Tub Party here, it was pretty great if I do say so myself.

All of Rachel's friends from college came to the party along with some of her friends from around here. Everyone went out a little early except Joshua, and Maria, who stayed up and partied with Rachel and myself. The beer was nice, but the vodka was better.

Most of my evening was spent in the game room playing ping pong and pool. I made sure that my timid side was completely masked, and that good side was always facing forward.... I KNOW! WHICH ONE?! Just like Shuga, many pictures were taken of me, mostly good, but some not-so-good.

This morning we woke up at 11:30AM, exactly as Rachel predicted.

We then went to Edgewater, where I experienced the nastiest smelling low tide, and the fattest pigeons, and sea gulls. Maria casually offered me her last cigarette, which I accepted gratefully, and enjoyed fully. The view was beautiful, and just one river away was the greatest city there ever was. New York City. Someday this city would be mine, or at least mine to live in.

We visited a Japanese Supermarket which was astonishing. Everything written in Japanese, and place wreaked of dried foods, and raw fish. And I discovered I have an odd attraction the the smell of raw fish.
Every corner I turned around had little chic orientals. I was in heaven.

Right now, Rachel and myself are making a run so when we can get movies before we go to Outrage. I'll never evacuate the dancefloor.