Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bonjour 2010!

I am back from my trip, and off of Winter Break.

That night Rachel and I picked up movies, I Love You Man, and The Hangover. We went to the hot tub at Outrage, and could hardly focus. We had a blast. It was one of the best nights I'd ever had at Outrage.

The next day, December 31, we slept in. We watched Jersey Shore, and watched the cast of Jersey Shore host a New Year's TV special on MTV. Despite the fact that we didn't go to Outrage, or any fabulous parties, I had a great time celebrating the New Decade with my best friend.

As I enter a new year, I don't feel it. I shouldn't expect to feel anything anyways. It's the same with birthdays, no matter how liberating the age, it's nice to know, but it doesn't feel any different. That day we went to New York City, you already know my sentiments on that! Later, we watched I Love You Man, and returned the videos that night. We later went out to a 24-hour Starbucks with Rachel's friend, Helen. She was cool, but I'm telling you--she's got more drama that any person I've ever seen on Jerry Springer.

The following day, January 2, we went to Garden State Plaza--the most fabulous mall I have ever stood in to date. This mall had everything: Nordstrom, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Sanrio, American Apparel, Juicy Couture, Macy's, Nordstrom, Forever 21... the list is ENDLESS. We were almost late getting me to my bus stop! But I got home, and met a stanger on the bus too.

The next two days consisted of normal routine, The GAP and school. I've been talking to Ronnie more also. I'm going to his house on Thursday. We're most likely going to hook-up. I sure hope so at least. Not to get serious and stuff, but it would be nice to have a boyfriend. Sometimes being beautiful doesn't mean anything if you're single.