Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not A Happy Camper

Today isn't even over, and it was filled with what-the-fuck moments. Ronnie is coming over in about an hour. I was supposed to have the best day ever, but instead it was filled with drama and unnecessary distractions.

This morning was a great one, I got ready with plenty of time to spare. First period went by swell. As did second period, where I started a sculpture which is looking superb.

It was time for third period: Chemistry. Today we took notes, as usual. But the girl who sits to my right, Stephanie, wasn't here, so one of the hottest guys at our school Francois, sat to my right. As he took notes I couldn't help but notice him lift up his shirt and lightly rub his smooth stomach. I looked over again, and as he took notes, his hand casually lingered into his pants. His left hand was now almost all the way in his pants, I could see his hip bone. I began to get excited and shocked.

I opened my phone and began to write a tweet.

I look over again, and now, his left hand from the wrist down was completely in his pants. Our Chemistry teacher wasn't a work of art by any stretch, keep in mind. His hand moved to the center of his pants, I could tell he was massaging his dick. I was getting a little hot and bothered because I had several sexual fantasies about him before. I must admit, I have a boyfriend, and I feel guilty.

Later, I was caught in the hallway, using my cell phone. Lieutenant Frump got all up in my grill. She began her spiel with, "Does that show integrity?" as she always does. She raised her hand slightly above her head and told me, "You were here." She moved her hand down several inches, and said "Now you're here. You're not fabulous anymore." What a condescending cunt. How dare you say something like that to me. She has a ton of jealously built up in her. She condones the use of other electronics though--double standard. I collected my phone from the office later in the day.

When I got home I was a little on edge. Aneta said she wanted some help. I said yes, as I always do. But she was like "Don't go down stairs just yet, you're not going to get off the hook." I wasn't trying to get off the hook you moron, I was bringing my books to my room. Do you mind?! Think before you speak, please.

Ronnie is coming over shortly, and I don't want him to see me in such a mood. I miss him so much, and I've been looking forward to this for the past 5 days. I don't want to pretend to be happy. I think Ronnie will be able to brighten my mood regardless. I can't wait for his embrace.

In whole, whenever I try my best to have a great day because I've been anxious for something, it fucks me over miserably.