Friday, January 8, 2010

Caesar + Ronnie

Last night I went over to Ronnie's house, in Amsterdam. This would be the first time that I'd seen him since your attraction to one another at the GAP. I was extremely anxious, especially since our conversations via text message and late phone call have gotten a little intimate.

This would be the first time I've actually had a real "love interest" since that ass hole from Rotterdam, Garret, that I hooked-up with. I was excited. He's Puerto Rican, and I couldn't wait to be with someone who wasn't white.

When I arrived around 5PM, he stood outside his house waiting. Aneta and Madame Dupont dropped me off, and were clearly staring to see what he looked like. He looked just like his photos, and exactly how I remember him at the GAP. I could feel the intimacy with our eye contact. I could tell how he felt, and how his mood was just from gazing into his eyes, and initiating conversation.

He led me into the first floor apartment that he and his sister, Roxanne, live in. The first room I saw was the kitchen, the whole house seemed slightly empty, but it was pretty clean from what I could tell. As we talked our tones got slightly more alluring, and seductive. He got closer, resting his hands on my hips, hugging me, and said, "I'm really glad you're here." From there he went in for the kiss. I wanted to be in control, so I turned my face slightly to the left, so that he just his the corner of my lips. He smiled awkwardly, and showed me the rest of the apartment, and then to his room.

We laughed and talked for some time while watching the History Channel on his bed. Being his birthday, and a control carving person, like myself, he said that he'd only kiss me, again if I sang him Happy Birthday. Keep in mind, he told me this about half an inch away from my face.

I declined his offer telling him that he wouldn't be able to resist me. He stopped holding my hand, that's how persistent he got. Finally, I gave in and sang the song. I leaned in to kiss him with full on tongue, surprising him, and making him VERY happy. I'm good at what I do. We spooned, kissed, and dry humped a little, almost naked in his bed for a while before his friends came over. In the act we had become boyfriends officially. Happy Birthday to you Ronnie!

While his friends were there, we had our own night of Outrage, and we drank.

On the way home I got touchy-feely in the backseat of his sister's Pontiac. We made out the entire way home grouping each other's you-know-whats. It was pretty fair in size. We arrived at my house, he kissed me in the driveway, romantically.

I went inside, and rest assured, Aneta and Madame were there. WAITING. They saw, and they knew that for the first time, I had real hope in a relationship. I was under the influence of lust.