Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sex & Co.

On Tuesday evening my boyfriend, Ronnie came over. He met Aneta and Charles, and had dinner with us. It was a perfect evening.

That day at school was a long one, as I described to you before. I was exhausted, and felt like nothing in this whole world could turn around my day. Little did I know that I would be proved wrong.

When Ronnie got here, it was 5PM. He has gotten here late because his sister, Sammi, was still a little unsure of how to get to my house. I had been waiting at the door for a few minutes, when he arrived. When he walked in, I took his coat, and Aneta was there so I couldn't kiss him immediately. As soon as she left, I embraced his kiss.

We went down stairs for a little while. We chatted about my room, our days, and how we felt about one another. Once that was out of the way, we cuddled and watched some TV. That led to kissing, and clothing removal. He slowly unbuttoned my red, plaid shirt as he straddled me, topless. Our pants were off in the blink of an eye, and before I knew it I could feel my dick against his as we kissed. I could feel my skin against his.

I felt his dick, uncircumcised; which I don't normally go for, but I thought it was really sexy. I performed some oral sex which put him in pure ecstasy. He loved it. He pushed my head down as he moaned. He came quickly. I'm good at what I do... what can I say.

After that he was going to start me off, but we had to go eat dinner. Aneta made Chicken Parm, it was delicious.

When we went back to my room clothes flew and sexual tension was through the roof. He offered to suck me off, but I declined, because I knew I could get more. He offered to have sex even though we were going to wait. Let me tell you, I fucked him real good. He was just as into it as I was. It was perfect sex. Later that night I blew him a second time--now he's thoroughly impressed.

Charles brought him home and we went to Taco Bell before that for a little snack. I kissed him goodnight outside his apartment. From the second his lips left mine, I missed him.

No, I'm not in love. But for the first time I think I might be on my way...