Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Europe III

This is my third and final blog on my trip to Europe. We move on to romance...

It was in JFK, that I first met Sebastien, who is Marilyn's cousin. He was clearly aware he looked good seeing as he flipped his hair when he came over. I knew the only to intrigue him is if I was the only one not interested in him. So I waited for him to introduce himself, or have Marilyn do it. He wanted to be my friend, because I seemed to be on his wavelength (when in all honesty, I think mine is slightly above his).

We became friends in London, when on the way to Piccadilly Circus. He stole my camera to take pictures, and he took the fist picture IN EUROPE with my camera. It was cute, but overbearing. Over the next few days it was just some gay jokes that progressively got more serious--on both sides, and increasing amounts of conversation.

We roomed together in Florence, with Aaren. We sat up and spoke all night. We even chatted while in our underwear (getting dresses, but that doesn't sound as good) before we got ready to go to the Club.

The next day we got gelato, I remember, I got mint, and he got coffee. I told him that I almost got the same flavor. He said do you want a taste. Here I am thinking that I have to use my spoon... he lifted some up. For some reason, I said You can try mine as well. I don't even know why I acted this way to be honest. And we fed one another gelato on the streets of Italy. There were several other times too. It's a shame that no one could have documented it.

While at dinner in Assisi, he tried to kiss me over a plate of spaghetti, and I realized that this was all too perfect.

One the last night, in Rome. Sebastien roomed down the hall. After I made him over that night into perfection, he was supposed to get settled down for the night then come to my room to hang out. He never showed up and went to go see where he was and he wasn't in his room. I found out he instead went to Brittany's room. I went into Liz and Samantha's room, to look out the window, into their room, and I saw them kissing on the bed! I got upset and Gretta, and Marilyn comforted me. While comforting me I formed a scheme.

I knew how Sebastien would act. So from there I told Gretta and Marilyn to act like they hadn't seen me since room check. I went back to Liz and Samantha's room and told them to interrupt them and say I looked in the room and got really upset and left. I told Aaren to say he thought I was in Sebastien's room. I stayed in the Southern Girls' room, and hid in their closet. Everything went according to plan. But after not finding me for 20 minutes, he went back to Brittany's room. I went to "bed" and had Aaren interrupt again and say he found me...

Sebastien came in and "woke me up" and wanted to talk to me, we went and sat in the lobby and chatted for quite some time. I told him how I felt about him, and how I know I don't want to like him. And he was like telling me he's not gay at all. BUT HE TOTALLY IS. He basically broke my heart, and I think it was because I made it seem like I didn't wanna like him, when secretly I totally just wanted to get married right then and there.

We hung out in the Airport the whole time on the way back home. And probably would have on the plane, but I needed time with Marilyn more. We even got money exchanged just so we could bet espressos in LHR. When we were back in JFK, things really seemed different. It was the first place we ever met. We went to Starbucks together and got cinnamon scones, and he got a coffee with it. I told him how cinnamon scones were my favorite, and he told me, "I'll never be able to forget that now," and giggled while he took a bite

When I first said goodbye to him I gave him half a hug which was more than a friendly bro hug. And after the goodbye chit chat, and he had to walk the other way to his car, it felt like he looked into my soul when he said goodbye. From there until we got on the bus, I didn't look back. And when I was getting on the bus I actually looked, and he was no where to be found. I think it was best that I never know whether he looked back or not after.