Monday, April 26, 2010

Europe II

This blog on Europe will tell you about some of the new friends I made.

Since I've already told you about Marilyn in the past, I don't see any point in elaborating on the ridiculously unhealthy amount of fun we had. I even told her mom (also my US History teacher), The Nark, what a queef was, and I didn't even offend her. Marilyn and I had a great time taking pictures in the shadows of Italy, and searching for dress shops. We gallivanted through a romantic park in Paris as if we were a couple and smoked a cigarette. She and I will always have one thing in common--disliking The Midwest due to it's boring landscape.

Next on the agenda would be Gretta. She and I bonded the whole time. She looks like she stepped straight out of Eastern Europe. We made fun of the world and endlessly called each other perfect. When we were in Italy, people who were selling faux leather jackets kept trying to sell them to her. I pretended to be her boyfriend to one guy, and he said, "I'll give you 2 free coats, and you'll be my girlfriend!" Another offered her 50% off. And we were joking about 100% off, another vendor offered her 150% off. They were going to pay her to take the fucking coat!

Third I have Brittany. She is from Newfoundland. She clicked with me immediately, we went for late night strolls in each neighborhood to smoke with her friend. When we were on the overnight train, I was feeling homesick, and she sat in my bunk with me for a couple of hours, and talked with me. We really got to open up to one another. Unfortunately in the in, she ended up disappointing me.

Then we have Aaren, oh Aaren. He was quite possibly the only straight man who I've ever enjoyed their company. He's a freshman, and he was interested in broadening his horizons and understanding the gay culture, he even smoked a cigarette with me, so he earned points there. He let me do his brows too! On the last night, he was bragging about his body to me, and let me feel every muscle of his body. And let me tell you, he is so fucking sexy, I can't up it in words. YUM!

Samantha and Liz were from Newfoundland like Brittany. You'll hear more about them in the next blog. But these girls are so sweet, they danced on a table in a club in Italy with me, and even built a fort in their hotel room with me.

Last if Sebastien, but he's basically the whole theme of my next blog on ROMANCE.