Thursday, April 22, 2010

Europe I

In a series of three blogs of my 10 day long trip to Europe, this is my first. This blog will discuss the literal experience.

When I went to the Airport, JFK, the reality really began to sit in. It felt as if all of these months of waiting and anticipating were really worth it. When we got to the airport I was informed that I could only have one luggage, there I combined both of mine into one. The seven hour flight, which was actually 12, due to flying 5 hours into the future had me itching with European fever.

We arrived in LHR, and it was beautiful, despite a 2 hour delay because we had to re-fuel, and there was a fire in the tower we were supposed to get off the plane at.

Once arriving in London, at LHR we went to our hotel to get situated. I set up the room and roomed with some strangers on out trip from North Carolina--Rat Boy and Neanderthal. I claimed a king size bed to myself, despite that I'm only a queen. We went to the most beautiful and neatest places in London. We had traditional food every night which was divine. Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace (we even got to see the Changing of the guards!) had to be my favorite, but seeing Bid Bed, and the House of Parliament in person gave me chills when in their presence.

After 3 days in London, we went via Chunnell (the subway which goes under the English Channel) to Paris. We went straight to touring. It was perfect. It was everything I thought and dreamt it would be and more. We saw the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and there was this perfect garden to it's right if your facing the front. I had a cigarette there, and felt so at home. We saw the Eiffel Tower, went to La Louvre, and even went for a cruise on the Seine. Again, the food was out of this world. I roomed with people I knew this time, so I felt more comfortable in that sense.

Instead of a third night in Paris then leaving like we did in London, we took an overnight train to Italy. The train took us on a 7 hour voyage into yet another Time Zone. Upon arrival in Milan, we hopped on yet another train to get to Florence. There in the prettiest place thus far, we went to places too good for words. We also went to Assisi and it was the most romantic, out-of-a-movie place I'd ever been to. With St. Francis Basilica at it's geographical center, it was a sight to see. Thirdly, we saw Rome, the Colosseum, the ruins, the Trevi Fountain--the whole nine yards. I made a wish, and snuck in a cigarette too, suck on that! The Hotel in Florence was my favorite hands down though.

I looked like the missing piece of the puzzle in each city. Being there made me so happy, and despite that I did miss my family at one point, I would kill to go again. I won't forget a single second of this trip as long as I live.