Friday, March 26, 2010


For a few weeks now, when I'm on my break at work, I wonder the mall. I always make sure I can make my way into K-mart because of Crue, a beautiful, gorgeous man.

While Diane and I were walking the mall, we went to K-mart of make a purchase. I just wanted an XXX Vitamin Water. I made the mistake of pointing out my immense crush on Crue. She teased, and threatened to tell him, and ask his number for me. But I threatened her back effectively.

I went to the register to pay, and Diane and I were discussing him. The outspoken associate piped up and said, "Are you talking about someone who works here?" Diane immediately said no, but I admitted it to her. It seemed harmless.

I had grabbed her interest immediately. I didn't know his name, so I began to describe him. I said, the tall, tan, slender one by customer service. She asked about him by name, and I was curious, she told me his name was Crue. I was so happy to finally know his name. Diane begged the associate, who's name tag read Gene, to tell him. She giggled with the excitement she so rarely sees involving work.

I asked her, desperately, not to say a word. She told me she wouldn't. As Diane and I walked out I saw her talking to him, and him looking back. I felt like I ruined all chances with him, I woulds never be able to go to his checkout again.

Gene, I hope we may be able to become friends, you're really cool. And thanks for telling him for me because she taught me not to be afraid to open up. I just want to be more forward about all of my feelings and emotions.

Crue, I look forward to seeing your beautiful face during my break on Sunday.