Thursday, November 11, 2010

Public Speaking

In my Public Speaking class, we generally give a speech every week or two. The first topic we wrote about have to either be a personal experience or pet peeve. Of course I chose pet peeve, since most people chose to write about a personal experience.

In this speech, I wrote about some fashion faux pas which perturbed me. I wrote about three particular items, for a good reason.

The first of the three included overalls, I do not like how they provide no shape, and make one look like a sack. The second would be over destroyed denim, I don't like how sloppy and unintentional they look. Buying and making distressed denim are very different. The third would be crocs, and I'm not even explaining this one since they're clearly disgusting.

In the end I told about how I had met a woman at GAP, and she was in all three of these items. I judged her and didn't even want to talk to her, I continued with saying that she turned out to be very sweet. In the end I wrapped up with the fact that, I shouldn't judge what people wear.

The next day I was informed by Elizabeth, that everyone was offended my my speech, despite all the laughter in the room. They're a bunch of country bumkins anyways. They know nothing about fashion, and wear the same outfits every week. They're so unoriginal, and boring. Needless to say, when I spoke with my teacher about this, and she agreed with all of those assholes.

The next speech had to be a speech to entrain. I was really nervous since I knew I would be judged before even opening my mouth. I wrote about Senioritis, which I knew we all could relate to... tons of laughter, and great smiles. I succeeded, I got a much better response than before, but a similar grade of an 88, like the last one.

Thirdly, we had a demonstration speech. I skipped out on this one since I had Senioritis. haha, This speech, fucking sucked.

And tomorrow I have to give my fourth speech, A Book Report. I have no idea how a book report could be a speech, but I'm gonna do it. I looked up a book on SparkNotes, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. My speech is done, and I didn't even read the book. But she said she wanted the book in class, so I had to waste $15 on this PAPERBACK book. wtf.

I don't read, but I may end up reading this to get my money's worth. It's about a beauty struggle essentially, so it totally fits me, perhaps I'll enjoy it.

The other day I really wanted to possess blue eyes, since I feel like I could be prettier with them... and that's exactly how Precola, the main character feels.

Turns out, that a class I've spent all year hating, finally has something good coming out of it.