Friday, October 29, 2010

Prince & Trick

Last weekend, was similar to most. But just two small things made it a little more than average.

A week ago, today, I had gone to GAP to pick up my check, and headed straight to the bank after. My bank is open until 8PM, so I had all the time in the world before I had to be there. Around 7:30, then I arrived, the parking lot was packed. This was mostly due to the fact that there is a grocery store next door.

As I got out of my car, which was parked in the third-to-last spot, I strutted myself down the deserted parking lot. I was wearing a silver and black sequin vest, my hair and makeup were picture perfect. Usually, this goes unnoticed.

As I was halfway through the parking lot, I saw a beautiful man, in skinny jeans, combat boots, and a black peacoat walk out of the bank. He had a perfectly buzzed head, and was around the same height as me. As I got closer to him, I noticed he gave me the up-down. I would catch his eye, and turn as if I didn't notice (bashfully). As he walked past me, he turned his head and looked at me and in a sexy, whisper-type voice said, "damnnn!" I smirked, and shook my ass just a tad more.

As I was about to enter the bank, I hear him whistle, and holler, "SEXY!" I looked back at him, Trick, and he was standing in the parking lot as if he wanted me to go back. I just winked, and went into the back. Mostly everyone says I should have gotten his number.

Was it wrong of me not to get picked up in a parking lot, at night, by an older man?

On Sunday, I had a lovely 7 hour shift at GAP. As usual I went on my break, got some subway, and ate alone. It was nothing out of the ordinary. I finished eating, and decided to go have a cigarette outside of the food court and break tradition. As I walked past, some tables, I hear a girl say "Heyy!" She was blond, tan, and had pink streaks in her hair. The boy she was sitting with was all flustered, it was clear she was his hag.

The followed me outside, "unintentionally," they claim. Prince and Princess had introduced themselves to me over a cigarette. Prince wasn't a smoker. Prince was a senior at a nearby school, so he seemed ideal. After he left, I was talking with Princess.

She continued to ask me if I thought Prince was cute, and so on. She made it seem like she was asking for him, so I just went all out, and said was I felt. I was completely honest, which is crazy because I'm kind of a compulsive liar.

They added me on Facebook, and he had a status up that was posted an hour after meeting me: "so, I really like you and think you're amazingly cute ha :)" Princess had posted on this ans said "i know who this is about" Being flirtatious me, I posted a status saying, "It would be vain of me to think that your status was about me, but I hope it is :3" I'm really vain... go figure.

He messaged me that afternoon, after school. He asked if my status was about him, and I was like, well do you think it's about you. He modestly said he didn't know. I told him yes. THEN he proceeded to tell me that he's seeing someone, and he didn't mean to send the wrong signal, and that his status had nothing to do with me. Um, okay, hoe. You were drooling all over me, you had to have your hag talk to me for you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, bitch!

I'm not going to reflect on this in sum, because all I wanted was to feel wanted (by hotties), and that has happened despite me turning them down, and vice versa.

Be careful what you wish for. ;)