Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lock Me Up

Again being nice has gotten me nowhere, fast.

Today Charles had to drive me to school, because I let Madame Dupont borrow my car to go to the doctor. As always we were a little late to school, despite the fact that he know how much I hate to be late to school.

Anyways, he was also supposed to bring me home from school, because he needed me to take him to get his oil changed, and bring him to his boyfriend's after school. So I was going to do just that. I guess he just went to get his oil changed after school, and never came and go me, or let me know what was going on. Everyone got to see me wait in the rain as if I were some noob who doesn't have his own car, when in fact, I pay for my car entirely myself.

Madame Dupont picked me up from school since Charles is the most unreliable, asshole of a human being that has ever set food on this Earth.

I did something nice, I let Madame take the car, willingly too. I wasn't even mad that she needed it. But Charles had to rain on my parade.

I was so nice. SO FUCKING NICE.

I'm sick of being nice and getting nothing in return. I know I've done a lot of fucked up shit in the past, but for real? I've done plenty to make up for it, and gotten it handed back to me and then some. My horoscopes have also been very uplifting and delightful lately.

Whatever, whenever I get in a little argument with someone lately, I have to be the one to back down, which is completely out of character for me.

I want to dish it out so bad, like a big steaming pile of BITCH on a silver platter.

Saying things that don't exist.