Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm on my way to Outrage as we speak, I've missed it there.

Last night I thought about how amazing modern culture is. The idea of fashion, self-enhancement, transportation, communication, and daily rituals are only a few of the topics that held my thoughts. The idea that we are conveniently able to become self-proclaimed rock stars, is something people 150 years ago didn't even bother fantasizing about. This leads to the idea that with these aspects of life enhanced, we are able to better adapt to our social needs and desires.

When I was in the car in the middle of a text message, smoking a cigarette with my sunglasses on and the music blaring, I saw glamour. I live luxuriously. But now living luxuriously isn't so uncommon. The term luxe is now being defined through the everyday person.

Today I went on a field trip to see a one-man performance of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This only furthered my thought about the idea of the role that technology plays in developing social relationships. Written in the 1950's, this play showed me that human interaction will never change despite the growth of virtual relationships, or staying in tough via phone or Internet.

I may sound contradictory now, because I have friends that I only know on the Internet. I'm just saying how I comprehend that the Internet or the phone doesn't really make a relationship grow.... at all.

In sum, I want to say, I am grateful for the everyday fabulosity I get to experience. Technology has only allowed my dreams to grow to unimaginable heights. My dreams are as big as the ocean is deep. And my dreams becoming reality are as likely as God watching me as I type.