Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Boots

Instead of posting this week I decided to make one post about the biggest thoughts of my week.

The oldest one in my memory is when Francois dethroned Elizabeth. Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful creatures in my school aside from myself. Her makeup is flawless and when she decides to get dressed insomething other than sweats she's a fashionista. Once my equal, she has become a fan like the rest unfortunately.

In Chemistry before the bell rang, Elizabeth stood toward the back on the room with her back to the teacher, texting. I noticed this but said nthing, but I saw Francois get up, so I looked to see what he ws doing. He informed the teacher she was texting. She then took her phone, I watched it all, live.

All in a flash, she lost her beauty, coolness, arrogance, and reassurance. It was beautiful.

Second would be a woman at GAP Outlet. She came in today seeking to update her mom look. A mother of three children was going on a date with her husband tonight and wanted to look nice for him. I aided her in her search. She was VERY successful, and satisfied. This woman tought me the impotance of looking good. It wasn't just me that thought that looking unpresentable was an issue regardless of how busy your lifestyle is. Yet, she tought me that it is excusable when ladies of her kind dress the way they do, because they desire to dress better. Thank you mother of three.

Third is that today is the day that marks one month with Ronnie. Thank you for being so great to me. I'm excited to have you as my first Valentine. Today I learned that I really do love you, and that I don't think I ever want to leave you. I'm glad we're serious, and I'm glad to know you even if things don't work out on your half.

Lastly, we would have shopping. Today I went shopping and I put some stuff on my credit card. I bought the most beautiful brown dress boots, with a fabulous little heel. My life is complete. These shoes do more than say they're beautiful, they say my denim looks expensive, and the belt matches flawless. I spent little money on them which fueled my excitement.

Being dethroned is like losing your voice in fashion like the mother of three did. And buying a pair of beautiful new boots that enhance everything about you is like having a partner that brings out the best in you.